Do we need a rehearsal?

Rehearsals are a great way to ensure everyone knows what to do at your ceremony. Since you will need to be in specific places at the start of your ceremony, you will not be there to remind people where they need to be and what they need to do. Checking the timing of your entrance to your chosen music is also important.  The last thing you want would be for

How do I choose a good celebrant?

Let’s start by asking the opposite question.  How do people unwittingly choose a poor celebrant? They may go for the cheapest.  They may not meet them in person.  They may blindly act on the recommendation of someone else. That is what you must avoid. To choose a good celebrant you should first think of the style you want.  Male or female?  Young or older?  Religious or civil?  Serious or light

Where do our wedding traditions come from?

Do you know where many of our wedding traditions come from? Most of these come from the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages and are born from cultural, economic and political requirements of the time. Most don’t mean much today but are usually observed out of tradition – “because it’s always been done that way. Here are a few you may or may not have heard of. Something old, something

What music do I need for my ceremony?

These days you have a lot of choice at your fingertips.  Online music has made it easy to access a wide range of music, and traditional wedding music is being used less and less. Ideally you need to source a minimum of 5 songs for your ceremony: 1 song for the processional as the bride walks down the aisle 2 songs for the signing of the register 2 songs for