Do we need a rehearsal?

Rehearsals are a great way to ensure everyone knows what to do at your ceremony. It can often be the first time some members of the bridal party meet each other.

Since you will need to be in specific places at the start of your ceremony, you will not be there to remind people where they need to be and what they need to do.

Checking the timing of your entrance to your chosen music is also important.  The last thing you want would be for the music to finish before you reach your partner!

So we suggest you involve your bridal party in a rehearsal (at least to the extent this is possible), as well as the person operating your music.

Try to do it at the venue – as then they will be familiar with the surroundings.

Test the music system which will be used, ensure the songs you have chosen are appropriate and make sure you know where any live musicians will set up.  Nowadays your celebrant will normally have their own music system and make arrangements for someone to operate it.

During a rehearsal we would normally practising walking down the aisle to the processional song, the “hand” over to the groom, the ring exchange, a simplified version of your vows (not the whole thing) and any other coordination that may occur on the day. We don’t normally read the whole ceremony (as that would spoil the fun).

And if you are planning an outdoor wedding, don’t forget to familiarise yourself with the wet weather fallback.  Remember this is Melbourne, and our weather is notoriously variable!  There is nothing wrong in hoping for the best weather.  You just need to be prepared for the worst.