Marriage Celebrant Fees

Many professional celebrants are independent ministers or civil celebrants who run their own affairs entirely. This includes setting their fee amounts and what’s included and what’s not included in their fee. It is important that you effectively interview prospective celebrants so you can not only know how much they cost but exactly what is included in their fee. This is the only way to know the ‘true value’ you are getting. The fact that one fee is higher or lower means nothing if you don’t know what’s included.

Celebrants vary in their handling of basic tasks. While there are basic tasks which all officiants provide (hopefully including knowing the legal paperwork requirements; making sure it’s filled out properly and on time; having a basic friendliness towards family and guests; being on time and dressed appropriately for your needs; being prepared and being easy to understand when presenting the ceremony), not all celebrants follow through with the same degree of care.  Officiating a marriage is no different than any job in that there is average, above average and way above average. For some, the minimal works, for others, nothing short of giving their all works.


Celebrants vary in what they include and don’t include. An example of this would be creative options, aka personalizing options. Some celebrants have these options, some prefer to stick with a basic ceremony. Of those with options, some have developed them extensively and some not. When you are interviewing, make sure you ask questions so that you have the answers relating to what you need.

Celebrants vary in their attitude and perspective. Some wedding celebrants see performing marriages as a just a job, no different than any other job. Some see it as a fun on-going learning and enriching opportunity to give loving and excellence to others. Some go to work. Some can’t wait to get to their office express their passion to do more.

What is included in your wedding celebrant fee?

Being a part of your wedding is very important to me and some of the ways I assist you with you wedding are:

  1. My fee is $800 including everything listed above and your rehearsal. Should you not feel that a rehearsal is necessary, a $100 deduction can be made. If you would like me to arrange for your a copy of your legal marriage certificate to be posted via express post, to your place of residence, an additional charge of $50 applies. This is optional.
  2. From your first impression of me when we meet, you will be assured that I love what I do. I am passionate about weddings and enjoy delivering your perfect marriage ceremony.
  3. On the day of both your rehearsal and wedding ceremony, I will arrive early (at least 30 minutes) to complete a sound check, ensure the venue is ready for your arrival and check everything is in order.
  4. As part of the Civil Celebrant’s Code of Conduct, we must ensure that all guests can hear the ceremony. To ensure this occurs I will provide a PA which has 3 microphones and can be used to play the music for your ceremony. I will also provide an assistant to control the PA system.
  5. Your ceremony is a very personal aspect of your wedding and I will ensure that your ceremony is a personalised meaningful one which includes all your special elements.
  6. There are many “ceremonial” elements in which we can include in your ceremony, from a sand ceremony through to lighting a unity candle. I will work with you to decide which elements you would like to include in your ceremony.